TEAM is developed by a multinational team. Our teams are located in Bavaria, Saxony, Java (Indonesia) and Silicon Valley (USA, California). Many of our colleagues are deliberately not from the radio industry, but come from the telco industry or Fintech apps. The core playout, though, comes from team colleagues with over 15 years of radio and television experience.

Christian Brenner

Managing Director / CINO (Chief Innovation Officer)
Christian Brenner is a media entrepreneur with a focus on technical innovation. Christian, for example, set up the company SmartCast, which handled localised content management for broadcasters such as Disney, Fox and Cartoon Network in many Asian countries as a software-as-a-service solution. Today, SmartCast is part of satellite operator SES/Astra.
His current project is the new platform (in Bavaria known as BayCloudNet), which technically revolutionises production and contribution for radio stations via his company NexCast.
Christian has also set up several radio and TV channels, so he knows the requirements of the customers he now works for as a service provider.

Stephan Geiger

Managing Director / CEO
Stephan has been active in the areas of infrastructure, playout and consulting for TV and radio broadcasters for 15 years. As Head of Infrastructures at SmartCast (today part of SES/Astra), he built up the worldwide, decentralised operation for international TV networks. At the same time, he was significantly involved in various radio projects such as the satellite network supported by Bavarian media authority BLM. When SmartCast's radio business was spun off in 2014 (the radio division was not sold to SES/Astra), Stephan became shareholder and managing director. Since then he has been completely dedicated to radio. He has successfully managed numerous projects such as the entire relocation of Radio Energy and audio agency BLR.

Andreas Enders

COO (Chief Operation Officer)
Andreas Enders has worked for many years as an editor, presenter and technical director at Funkhaus Bayreuth. In 2015, together with partners from the Bavarian media scene, he founded KULTRADIO - a state-wide radio station based in Bayreuth, which could be received throughout federal German state Bavaria via digital radio DAB+ until the end of 2018. Since the end of 2018, Andreas Enders has been playing a major role in the development of BayCloudNet for BLR together with NexCast. He has been Chief Operation Officer for NexCast GmbH since mid-2019.

Alexander Nowotny

Senior Technology Advisor
Alex is a seasoned tech entrepreneur, digitalisation expert and C-level leader. As CIO, he was part of the management team which led one of the largest tech buyouts in Germany, Scout24 in 2014. After restructuring and preparing the IPO in 2015, he joined SmartCast, an SaaS-business in the media industry. In his role as COO the company was acquired by SES, the world’s leading satellite operator in Luxembourg. Within the merger of SES-PS, RR-Media and SmartCast, he joined the newly formed company MX1 as a CDO, leading the digital aspects of the business. For, Alex is acting as a Technology-Advisor focusing on Technology-selection, -scalability and -outsourcing.

Adi Darmadi

Operations Manager
Adi is our Interface between the German and Indonesian team and working in Jakarta and Munich. He is was leading a Marketing and Communication team including some major online and offline activites for a big Indoensian food Industry company before.

Our Software Development Team in Indonesia